Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekly Team Notes

Freida's Boss had an off day today and conducted afternoon batting and fielding practice...Backwoods Kentucky hick Scott Gizzburg took a ball off his jaw but continued practicing; he is considered day-to-day...player-manager Byron Emerson missed the practice to celebrate Father's Day in Cambodia with his 11 Cambodian love children....The Freida's Boss management denied rumors they have been talking to the Sacramento Trojans about possibly acquiring rightfielder/free-style grappler Tony Khoury. "Tony's a nice player with a real tight hairy ass, but we like who we have." noted the press release...Mike Matos has apparently backed down on his threats to hold-out; "That's all you guys, the media, making a big deal out of this to sell your fawkin' papers. And your newspapers are just rags. The Federalsit Papers, now those were real papers. Johnny fawkin' Jay baby. Johnny fawkin' Jay." stated Matos.


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