Monday, June 20, 2005

(AP) Chicago - Gizzburg Purchases Softball Glove

Freida's Boss utilityman Grandpa Gizzburg finally purchased a softball glove yesterday. Team manager/thirdbaseman Byron Emerson approved the decision.

"Gizzy was the only male baseball fan over the age of 7 that didn't own a glove so this purchase was long overdue," Emerson said. "He was a little rusty in the field which isn't surprising since he hasn't played in 5 years and the glove was brand new. Once the glove is broken in, Gizzy will be a valuable asset to our squad."


Anonymous Sean DeJesus said...

If I wasn't still suffering from the ankle sprain I got on Coco Khoury's basketball team in '02, I'd be out there pounding lunber with the rest of you. God speed, and give me a call if you need a good bench coach

10:54 AM

Anonymous rusty trombone said...

pounding lumber? isn't that the new bar from the those geniuses who brought us club teen muff?

10:56 AM

Anonymous Sean Dejesus said...

Ah it appears someone is depriving a village of its idiot. You insipid dolt, do not mock my use of baseball lexicon, or I shall strike you down with my cane of perversion

11:52 AM


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